The Emergency Lesson!

The emergency lesson is something every teacher needs in their tool kit.  Imagine you are parachuted into a classroom with no notice, or something happens and you find yourself taking a colleague's class and no work has been set.  There are a number of possible reasons you may find yourself with a class, a lesson to teach and a blank whiteboard.

You need an emergency lesson up your sleeve that engages the class for an hour and has cross curricular learning embedded.

Below you will find a lesson free to use.  It's called Odd Words.

The lesson is based on an old TV game show called Call My Bluff.  In a nutshell, you divide the class into teams, with a team captain and a name of the team. Explain a scoring system (your choice), set up rules and begin performing...and you must perform.

Each slide contains a genuine word followed by three definitions that as you bring them up you embroider and develop, letting your imagination flow, drawing the class in.  Each definition needs to sound convincing and of course you can say after the first and second, "But that one is not true at all.  Here's the real one now!"  Once you have finished your performance for each of the three definitions, you briefly recap and give teams a time to make up their minds...but you want a reason too.  Don't let them vote, you want them to persuade each other. And only let the captain speak to you.

The slide is set up to gradually reveal the correct answer.

You can of course add bonuses, double point rounds, jokers and even opportunities to steal points from other teams.

Taking it a step further, if you feel it right, you could allow each team to present a word themselves.  Or even develop it to link to your topic rather than use it as an emergency lesson.

It's a lesson you can really have fun with while developing teamwork, communication, literacy and reasoning skills; so it's over to you to play with it. 

Gary Toward,
4 Jun 2015, 08:28