Inadequate to Outstanding (printable file at botom)


This is a bespoke package aimed at supporting teachers who need lifting to a higher level of performance.  Maybe teachers who have got stuck in a rut, or those who haven’t yet got all cylinders running yet.  This package aims to identify the issues and put in CPD that will make the difference. 

Key themes

v Proper planning and preparation

v Classroom management

v Engaging the students

v Marking

v Collaborating




We will work with the school’s SLT and identified colleagues to:

v Make an initial analysis.

v Observe lessons

v Give clear evaluations and feedback

v Provide personalised CPD

v Model and coach

v Provide strategies that work

v Provide feedback to the SLT (including recommendations if progress is inadequate).

Print the full details from the link below

"I tried it with my class
 and they

 loved it."
Gary Toward,
26 May 2014, 02:29