Inspiring Feedback

 "I have new ideas to try out."  "I feel inspired."  "I have been hooked all day by your enthusiasm for young people and your innovative ideas to promote learning."  "Excellent content. Very useful and inspirational."  "Gave me the opportunity to reflect on best practice."  "Superb!  Very relevant and thought provoking."  "I liked the fact there was a mix between secondary and primary."  "Totally relevant information."  "Fantastic, really useful."  "I was feeling a bit flat, but now I feel re-energised."  "The best day I have had in my career."  "Bloody brilliant!"  "I wish I had this information before I started in September."  "Great advice."  "I've taken lots of ideas away."  Inspirational."  "Brilliant.  Very practical."  "I can't wait to get back to school to try some of these techniques."  "So useful, good to hear from experienced people exactly what to do."  "Enjoyable and inspiring."  "I have lots of ideas for the future, thanks."  "Fun, informative and practical."   "Excellent, and relevant to both primary and secondary teachers."   "Lots of useful  classroom management tips to make learning fun."  "Lots of new  ideas."  "Great to network with other NQTs."  "The class from hell...very helpful." "Targetting boys struck a chord."  " 24ct awsomeness!"  "Inspirational ideas."  "Practical tips."  "Excellent, really inspirational."  "The best training/course I have ever been to."  "I wish I'd has this when I was a NQT."  "Bursting with creative energy and ideas."  " Excellent, both Chris and Gary were inspiring."  "Great.  Really enjoyed it.  Lots of ideas for lessons...tomorrow!"  "I will use these ideas ASAP."  "Inspirational!"   "Brilliant hints."   "I've seen similar, but this had more useful hints, tips and ideas."  "Extremely useful and highly enjoyable."  "Really energising."  "Learning while having fun."   "Excellent presentation."  Inspiring delivery and discussion."

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 100% "Yes" for all
 workshops and
  • “It really made me think even more about each child as an individual with individual talents.”
  •  “Can I be a ‘2%er’? That’s what I’m aiming for!”
  •  “You couldn’t help but feel inspired about what was being said!”
  •  “Certainly helped me to feel positive!”
  • “It was so nice to hear people being positive about our vital role as a teacher when certain aspects of the media continue to unjustly criticise the teaching profession.”
  • “The delivery was packed with enthusiasm but for me, the most important aspect was the personal reflection I did after it had finished. I was sitting with a glass of wine that evening and thought how lucky I was to be in teaching!”
  •  As the Headteacher observing the staff during the INSET, it was obvious that their reaction was a very positive one and it was also clear that they thoroughly enjoyed this active, reflective and very informative session.
  • Some fantastic ideas which I can’t wait to share with our SLT and staff.
  • You couldn't help but feel inspired.
  • The most importand aspect for me was the personal reflection I did after it had finished.
  • It helped me feel positive.